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Start Strong

You know how it is, you want to lose weight and you know it requires eating healthy and exercising. You get started on the right track and within a short period of time you are derailed.

It is really easy to start out with great intentions and enthusiasm. You do well for a while and then lose focus. How to you stick to it? You need a plan. One that will work for you.

Schedule Your Activities

The first thing you need to do is take a careful look at your schedule. Decide when you will exercise and put it on your schedule, just like anything that is important. If you do not make exercise as important as everything else, you will not stick with it.

When it come to exercise, some people might do better by making it a daily habit. To do this, simple commit to doing some form of exercise for 5 minutes every single day. It is pretty hard to argue, “I don’t have 5 minutes to exercise.” so you eliminate excuses.

If you end up having extra time you can continue exercising for 10, 30 or 60 minutes. This will help you develop the habit of regular exercise.

Decide on Food for the Week

Next, you need to plan out your meals for the week. You need to decide in advance what you will be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. You also need to have an assortment of healthy snacks available. Once completed you can then make one trip the grocery store and pick up everything needed for that week.

Picking healthy food can be challenging. You may need to look for new recipes. Many of our favorite recipes are not very healthy. Do not be discouraged. Make it a point to track down and try a new, healthy recipe once a week.

Make a note of which ones you enjoy and keep them in a notebook. Pretty soon you’ll have a great resource loaded with healthy recipes you love. Use this resource for your meal planning.

If time is really difficult to come by then it may be worth looking into getting portion controlled meals delivered to you. There are many programs that have a great track record and make it easy to control what you eat. Some of these can also give you meals tailored to specific health conditions.

Stay on Track

Remember, you are on a journey to improve your health. Sometimes you get lost on the way, but if you keep working towards your goal, eventually you will get there.