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Lookout Mountain

If you are visiting Chattanooga Tennessee, one of the top places to visit is Lookout Mountain. This mountain ridge crosses from southern Tennessee into northeastern Georgia and northwestern Alabama.

Just south of the Tennessee-Georgia line is Rock City. There is much to see at Rock City. It is a 4100 foot walking trail through unusual and interesting rock formations and over 400 species of native plants.

Keep reading to see some of the more interesting features of Rock City




From Rock City


Rock City Gardens

As you enter the gardens of Rock City you are immediately struck by how different this place looks. It’s as if you are walking into a fairytale.

You quickly find yourself fascinated by the rock formations and you have to navigate down this narrow passage between two huge rocks.

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Narrow Passage between 2 rocks (Rock City)

Strolling Through Rock City

As you make your way through the 4100 foot walking path, you notice the beautiful rock formations and the care used in creating the walking path.

You also begin to appreciate the structures which were added and the beauty of the gardens.

Rock City Gardens
Rock City Gardens Gnome
Rock City Gardens Path

Rock City Gardens opened to the public in 1932. The gardens are home to over 400 varieties of plants which can be seen along the walking path.

Rock City Gardens History
Red Door
Goblins Underpass

Rock City Waterfall

The path leads to a waterfall with spectacular views.

Path continues through Rock City
Waterfall in Rock City

Balancing Rock

Then there is the 1000 ton rock suspended (balanced) on 3 sides by much smaller rocks. This is really something worth pausing to appreciate.

1000 ton balanced rock sign
1000 ton balanced rock

Spectacular Views at Lover’s Leap

This is one of the most spectacular views anywhere. When you get to the part of the path called Lover’s Leap you will find a breath-taking view of the countryside. They say you can see 7 states in the distance from this location. The sign below has arrows pointing towards Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

See 7 States Sign - Rock City
Rock City Eagle Statue and View
Rock City View

That is a brief description of our tour of Rock City Gardens atop Lookout Mountain in Georgia.  The pictures and my description fall far short of the actual experience and if you are in the area, this is a must see. I hope you have enjoyed this post.